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Our Past Shows 2004 - 2005 Season


  Always Patsy Cline   The Girls in 509   The Prince Who Became King  
August 27th - September 12th 2004

Written by Ted Swindley

Directed by Ms. Leigh Ann Evans

Sponsored by A. G. Edwards

October 8th - October 24th 20054

Written by Howard Teichmann

Directed by Jo Malin

Sponsored by First Tennessee

December 3rd - Decemeber 19th 2004

Written by Barbara Robinson

Directed by Del Curlin

Sponsored by Target



  Misery   Harvey   The Diary of Anne Frank  
January 14th - January 30th 2005

Written by Stephen King

Directed by Marler Stone

Adapted for the stage by Simon Moore

Febuary 25th - March 13th 2005

Written by Mary Chase

Directed by Pamela Poletti

Sponsored By Conwood & Covenant Escrow

April 15th - April 30th 2005

By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett Newly Adapted by Wendy Kesselman

Directed by Michael Gravois

Sponsored by Arts Build Communities and Thomas & Betts

      The Cardigans      
May 20th - June 5th 2005

Written by Larry Shue

Directed by Joanna Malin

Sponsored by the Bodine Company