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2006-2007 SEASON


Oliver!                                         Sponsored by Bodine

August 18 - September 3                                                                                MUSICAL

Dickens’s enduring classic of Oliver, the poor orphan buffeted about in 19th century London.  A conniving old thief and his merry band of boy pickpockets ‘take him in’, and we share his adventures with all the other unique characters, in memorable songs and vivid production numbers.  The entire family will cheer for Oliver to escape this seedy life of crime and find his own true family.


Social Security                             Sponsored by UBS

October 6-22                                                                                                   COMEDY

A couple's domestic tranquility is shattered with the arrival of the wife's nerdy sister, uptight brother-in-law and meddling mother. Critic Joel Siegel called the play, "About two hours of almost nonstop laughter!" This is one of the best comedies for adults—young and old—to come along in a great while.


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever               Sponsored by Target

December 1-23                                                                                               HOLIDAY

This perennial family favorite has charmed audiences since it first reached the stage.  It has found a welcome home at our theatre for several seasons now.  Come and behold the Christ in the Christmas story, told in a contemporary setting.


Romeo and Juliet                                                                        

January 19- February 4                                                                                   CLASSIC                                

Shakespeare returns to the GCT stage with the world’s greatest love story.  Although their families are locked in a deadly feud, nothing can stop two ardent teenagers from falling hopelessly in love. See this timeless story unfold in all its passion and beauty.


Germantown Stories: The Generation Project                           

February 9-11                                                                                                           

If you could tell a story to shape someone’s view of the world, what would you share?  What would you learn? How are we different? How are we the same?  A group of seniors and students explore these questions and more.  An original performance that explores and bridges the generation gap, this is a special project created in partnership with the Silver Stars and ACT programs at GCT.  

Jake's Women                                        Sponsored by First Tennessee

March 9-25                                                                                                      COMEDY       

Jake is a writer with a problem. “My mind,” he says, “has a mind of its own.” Jake does much more than just put words down on paper. His fictional characters — and the dialogue he creates for them — are so real, they become real.  When the subject at hand is women, Jake's hyperactive mind lands him in a lot of trouble — sometimes painful, often funny, always touching. A Neil Simon masterpiece!


Catch Me If You Can             Sponsored by Frank Uhlhorn Construction

April 20 - May 6                                                                                         COMEDY/MYSTERY

Daniel seems to have everything: a good job, good looks, a brand new wife and an idyllic honeymoon in New York’s Catskill Mountains. The only trouble is, his wife has gone missing! Take a distressed husband, an eccentric detective, a blond, a redhead, a body or two, then give the whole mix a vigorous stir. The result will surprise and delight you!


Smoke on the Mountain                           Sponsored by Conwood

May 18- June 3                                                                                     MUSICAL     

Meet the Sanders Family Singers on their first night back on the gospel circuit. Pastor Mervin Oglethorpe has invited the Sanders Family to his Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and in between the singin' and the witnessin' one or two things go a little wrong!  You will not stop laughing at these hapless locals. Come join the fun!